Soap nuts for hair

Spoiler alert: I threw in the towel after 11 days.

KAT-S  JULY 10, 2015




Back in June I ran a hair experimentation I resolved to wash my own hair with soap blossoms for fourteen days.

I’ve a pixie cut, so I presumed.  My own hair ostensibly replaces itself every 4 weeks.  What’s the worst that may happen?

I actually don’t mind using shampoo, but that I really like beauty experiments.  I had first seen soap nuts in my regional Intense Hippy Shop, that sells wooden toothbrushes, menstrual cups, and also additional ecofriendly products.  Intrigued, I did just a small research.  Works out this banana nuts are now berries which grow in India and Nepal.  They truly are full of pure saponin, making them exemplary soap replacements.  It is possible to use these to clean your laundry … or your own hair.

The soap opera nuts presented with an intriguing option to pulp: they’re ordinary, simple, and economical.  A 14-ounce jar could endure for weeks.  Granted there was not a great deal of advice regarding using soap as pulp, but only caused me enthused.  This is really a true experimentation, my participation into no-poo science!

I browse a whole lot of contradictory advice regarding ways to generate soap nut “shampoo” therefore that I sort of winged it.  Generally, you create a banana nut extract by massaging the soap in plain water.  You massage the water in your own hair, make it for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash out it.  A great deal of sources assert you wont require purification.  Additionally they warn you never to receive it on your own eyes.

Here is the recipe that I moved together: Drink 10 soap nuts in two glasses of water to half an hour.  Allow liquid cool completely.  Voila: you finally possess a jar of plain water soap nut extract.  I don’t really advise using this particular recipe, for reasons which you will browse below.

The simplest way to employ will be always to put 1/3 cup into a squeezable plastic jar and shake it lightly to create it watertight.  Squeeze the foam on your own roots and then work it out throughout your endings.  Allow it to sit in your own hair for five full minutes, then wash.

Soap Nut Diary: Day 1

Alright, washing your hair with warm soap nut tea really is a nuisance.  I tried to utilize my partner’s almost-empty shampoo jar, however, he refused me had been “still deploying it”  So as an alternative I squeezed the liquid to a empty bourbon bottle.  I shook it up, but your suds wouldn’t emerge (I figure this is exactly the reason why you want a plastic squeeze bottle).   I simply wound up hammering a palmful of liquid on my mind while I stumbled on the sink.  I wet my entire own hair, rubbed my entire scalp somewhat, then decide on a timer.  I saw 5 minutes of Ru Paul’s drag-race from the restroom to remind myself this beauty takes attempt.

The extract smelled strongly like peppermint, however, the smell did not linger after repainting.

I believe I’ve left the extract overly strong: my own hair feels very fresh but a very small bit ironic.  It had a clarifying effect: some co worker asked when I had dyed my hair blonder.  NOPE!  Simply banana nuts.  I informed her to continue to keep your eye on my own hair at the weeks ahead of time.

Day 3

My own hair looks nice.  I am sort of digging my brand new, weird early morning pattern.  This is quite a superior method of washing your hair in the event that you dwelt at which you’d to store water.

Day 4

Now I realized I left my soap nut shampoo manner overly strong.  I diluted my recipe using the same number of water.

At this time, my hair resembles day-2 hair shortly after washing however it’s much less greasy.  I actually don’t have to place any product inside it.  It appears a little ironic, so I put a few argan oil onto it to nourish it (it’s sexy, so I have been washing it each single day).

Day 5

My own hair gets very dry.  It’s stressing me out.  My scalp is itchy.

Day 6.

I broke down and used conditioner.  My own hair looked slightly better later, however it appearing dull.  Maybe I will wash it even less?  Except it is summer and I am attempting to exercise alot and that I haaaaaave to.

Day 8

I had dry shampoo.  Tremendous mistake.  Rather than consuming the acrylic, the sterile shampoo simply added into the mess.  I actually don’t believe that it will wash away.

Day 10

My own hair is tender and lacklustre.  I deep-conditioned with a coconut oil,  I fear that the soap nuts aren’t strong enough to scrub out the oil.

Day 1 1

I would like to scrub my own hair poorly.  It’s dry, however, maybe not wash.  My scalp is just like there is stuff stuck into it.  My husband said it looks “waxy.”  This is really a enormous mistake.  Why did I believe I really could emotionally handle three weeks of terrible hair?

I wrote that entry in my phone over the road home from your work.  As soon as I got home, I wanted my husband to shoot one final photo of me snapped and washed my hair with pleasant, lovely, paraben and sulfate-filled shampoo.  I am interested to find better ways to look after my own hair, however I doubt I will chase the soap nut path farther.

In the long run, my own hair suffered no permanent harm.  The one thing hurt was my soul.  I completely caked my capability to suffer though darkened, itchy hair loss.  I’d lousy hair because of my whole childhood and adolescence, therefore that I presumed I would be an expert!  Ends up it’s tough to return back again.

Have any one of you tried using soap nuts?

What is the strangest attractiveness regime you have ever tried? 

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