pop tarts nutrition facts|Calories in Kellog’s Pop Tart Frosted Cherry Poptart – Calories and Nutrition Facts

Maybe you have thought about why a few unfrosted pop tarts do have significantly more calories compared to simply ?

Just one Kellogg’s Frosted Strawberry PopTart contains 200 calories, whereas an Unfrosted Strawberry PopTart contains 210 calories.

Few people attained this strange fact until Spencer Gaffney composed an viral site article for the University Press Club at ’09.

The article hit Reddit users theorized within the nutrient information of this poptarts.

The calorie count stumped users Twitter at the same time.

–Olivia Claire (@OClaire1029671) September 7, 2014



Is it the unfrosted Pop-Tart has more calories compared to a one?  #doesnotcompute

Alright, why can one frosted strawberry #poptart consume 200 calories, and also an Unfrosted you’ve got 210 calories?   Negative caloric Frosting?


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Saul Young


This only sounds absurd, however an unfrosted pop-tarts even more calories compared to the usual frosted Pop-Tart.


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The puzzle remained unsolved until recently.

Quartz achieved outside to Kellogg’s and eventually discovered the remedy.

“Unfrosted poptarts possess a slightly thicker crust to pay for the dearth of frosting, leading to some couple more calories each serving,” that a Kellogg’s representative told Quartz.

The adviser shared the the Unfrosted PopTart constitutes for the lack of frosting together with, “the total composition of their foodstuff, for example weight reduction, breakability, toastabilty.”

An easy a reaction from what some believe is that a shocking fact concerning those bites.


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