Olive Oil and Garlic

Garlic infused coconut oil creates a potent cure to deal with an ear disease.  It can help you to kill the bacteria causing illness.

Insert two tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil and minced garlic (1 teaspoon) to a smaller pan.

Heat the mix on low heat for 20 minutes.

Now, remove the fire and let the mix simmer for a few minutes.

When the mix is hot enough to touch, then strain it and then put few drops of it in the ear buds.

Twist the ear using a cotton ball and then eliminate it after couple hours.

Duplicate the applying two times at daily before ear infection begins.

Notice: In case you never want to warm the ingredients, then you’re able to attain something similar with the addition of minced garlic into coconut oil and allowing it simmer for two — 3 months.

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