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In regards to metal bottles two titles tower above all of the others: Hydro Flask and also Klean Kanteen.  Both of these giants just about have the laminated metal market stitched up tight.  Whoever has possessed either of these are able to very quickly let you know: they provide perhaps one of their handiest and easy tactics to put away your ice hockey, your own steaming hot java, your noodle that is sour, your toaster soup, or nearly whatever else you can stuff to your own

(If Hydro Flask nor Klean Kanteen is what you are searching for, then we’ve got a great deal of additional water jar reviews which may fit your fancy.  Head up to Best Water Cleaners 20 17, or see our Water-bottle Reviews Category to get a slew of additional hints)

Hydro Flask vs Klean Kanteen!  What’s the Finest Metal Water Bottle?

Quickly Compare

Hydro Flask

$3 3

40 Ounce Wide Mouth



Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation

Really Permanent

Exemplary Leakproofing

Loads of Accessories

Effortless to Wash

Buy on Amazon

Klean Kanteen


40 Ounce Wide Mouth



  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • Permanent (cap may twist)
  • Good Leakproofing
  • Some Cells
  • Effortless to Wash
  • Buy on Amazon

The simple reality is that in lots of ways the Hydro Flask and the Klean Kanteen are virtually indistinguishable.  Both of them are assembled from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, and both use dual wall vacuum insulation and are offered in a vast selection of sizes and colours.  However, you would like to stay the Great Insulated Debate once-and-for-all and put together this Hydro Flask vs. Klean Kanteen firm to break.  Meaning it’s time for you to dig a bit deeper.

Within our evaluation below, we have guessed Both Hydro Flask and also the Klean Kanteen onto an Assortment of factors to Uncover the winner: Insulation, Durability, Form, simplicity of Use, Accessories, Price, along with Leakproofing.  Continue reading if you want to find who won!

The Insulation Element

Verdict: Bring

Cross segment of Hydro Flask

This crosssection of a Hydro Flask shows the double-walled structure that gives it its own insulation capacities.

Having possessed both Hydro Flasks and Klean Kanteens, I frankly can not differentiate a lot of gap between their insulating material factor.  Both of these have played unusually well at insulation on the ends of the temperature spectrum.  That really is just about what you’d expect, considering that the Hydro Flask and the Klean Kanteen apply precisely the very same design of double-walled insulating material and take advantage of stainlesssteel.

The insulating material given by Both Klean Kanteen and also the Hydro Flask is excellent.  Double-walled vacuum structure in stainlesssteel practically ensures no heat move out of the contents of one’s jar to the exterior world.  This means not merely does what you may set init stay about the exact temperature which you put it in, however the top layer of the jar never gets cold or hot.  Thus, even when your insulated jar is packed with hot hot Co-Co, the surface will stay cool to your touch.

If you’re searching for is insulating material, it’s just about a throw up.  Luckily, whichever option you decide on, the outcomes are somewhat more or less the best you are going to acquire on the marketplace.

(UPDATE: As we wrote this guide, Hydro Flask has improved its insulating material.  Their brand new Flex Cap lid comprises a technology named honey-comb Insulation to trap air and reduce heat transport.  This measure of progress borders these newer Hydro Flasks closer to winning that rivalry, however because of its traditional models it remains just about a draw.  If insulating material if a premier concern remember to take a look at the Flex Cap Hydro Flask on Amazon or know more by reading our feature to the Flex Cap.)

  • The Durability Element
  • Verdict: Hydro Flask
  • Hydro Flask 6 4 Ounce Insulted Stainless Growler Water-bottle
  • This 6 4 Ounce Hydro Flask Growler is a tank.

Again, since our competitions are created from the exact substances they tend to be less or more equals in strength.  Nevertheless, within my experience together with Klean Kanteens I’ve observed that the fingernails can occasionally have issues forming a leakproof seal as soon as they’ve been useful for protracted periods.  Usually the vinyl onto the inside the lid warps somewhat and the outcome is really a jar which does not seal quite and it used to.

This really is some thing which never presented itself onto the Hydro Flask, that I believe has a better structure for its own lid and also screw-on mechanism.  That isn’t to imply that the Hydro Flask lid can not sew and work out too well, but I have yet to undergo it.

Aside from the lid, there’s just about nothing on each jar that’s likely to breaking.  The bottles are incredibly demanding and even though I have was able to dent them somewhat, I have never broken one or put out one of commission.

The Shape Element

Verdict: Klean Kanteen

Jack Johnson From Here To Currently To Every Where Klean Kanteen with Rip Away

A co-branded, stylized 1 2 Ounce Klean Kanteen.

It drops to personal pick which kind of waterbottle that you fancy — both Hydro Flask and also Klean Kanteen possess a few smart and visually appealing layouts.  Concerning absolute visual selection, Klean Kanteen provides a broader array to pick from and makes limited-run co-branded water-bottles, just like the Jack Johnson Klean Kanteen we’ve featured stated previously.  Perhaps a number of those basic Klean Kanteen’s are not quite as visually appealing since the basic brightly-colored look of this Hydro Flask, but decorative variety from the sort of cobranding and distinct layouts is significantly wider in the Klean Kanteen catalogue.

Whenever it really is less or more a tossup, as Klean Kanteen possesses somewhat longer to select from in regards to selecting the expression of one’s jar, we will provide them the purpose for Form element.

The Benefits of Utilization Element

Verdict: Bring

The Klean Kanteen and the Hydro Flask can be purchased in many forms to suit your daily demands, and every type affords great simplicity of usage.  I have a tendency to prefer wide-mouth water-bottles to ensure it is straightforward to add icecubes or sexy food items, and luckily both Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask are offered in wide-mouth forms.

Personally I still believe as a narrow-mouth insulated water bottle is sort of a wasted opportunity.  However, if for any reason that is what you are after, take a look at the thin mouth Klean Kanteen or the Narrow Mouth Hydro Flask.  All these narrow-mouth choices include a thinner profile, that will be very good if you’re interested in finding some thing to squeeze in to a cupholder or even to minimize footprint at a backpack.

Each of the types of this Hydro Flask and also Klean Kanteen are fairly similar.  They pretty similar contours, size alternatives, and also are about both simple to wash and fulfill (browse our water-bottle cleanup guide should you will need some help from the cleaning section.)

Ease of use is very good on both sides of this fence.  This ones a attraction.

The Accessories Factor

Verdict: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Straw Lid for Wide-mouth Insulated Metal Bottle

(up Date: View our Entire feature article, “The Fantastic Universe of Hydro Flask Accessories”)

The Hydro Flask Straw Lid is a very Helpful addition to almost any Hydro Flask.

In regards to accessories, now we’ve got quite a clear winner.  Where the Hydro Flask has jeopardized a healthier eco system of attachments, the more Klean Kanteen is relatively bare for accessory alternatives.  Do not misunderstand me — there are certainly a couple neat items out there for your own Klean Kanteen, in this way bike mounted waterbottle cage designed specifically for the Klean Kanteen.  However, besides that, a refleece pint comfy, and a couple alternatives for different kinds of lids, there’s not a great deal being offered.

By comparison, it sounds manufacturers have hurried to exhaust pretty much every potential for Hydro Flask accessories.  When it’s something as straightforward as a straw-lid or one of numerous water jar holders made with Hydro Flask in your mind, there’s a great deal to select from and always appears like some thing fresh cropping up.

In case you are searching to customize your Hydro Flask by the addition of some personalized flair or securing a few functionality you would like it’d, have a look at the large assortment of Hydro Flask accessories.

  • The Purchase Price Element
  • Verdict: Klean Kanteen
  • Klean Kanteen 20 Ounce Wide Mouth Metal Water Bottle
  • A Vintage 20 Ounce Klean Kanteen Wide-mouth

A lot of folks could have a look at this particular debate and think “ok, well whenever they are so much like I will simply pick the least expensive option!”  If that’s the circumstance, that the Klean Kanteen includes a small edge across the Hydro Flask.  However, also for several models, pricing is really competitive.  Take such as the 20 ounce large mouth Klean Kanteen that can be roughly $2 1.  Hydro Flask does not offer you a 20 oz wide-mouth, nevertheless also the 18 ounce large mouth Hydro Flask is about $ 2-1.

About the top scope nevertheless, Klean Kanteen supplies somewhat more savings: that the 40-oz wide-mouth Klean Kanteen is roughly $25, where as a 40-oz wide-mouth Hydro Flask is approximately $3 3.  Consequently, if frugality can be the goal, then you could save 8 moving the Klean Kanteen course.

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