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Ice Cream Replies:

An equal-sized (130g) dose of Haagen Dazs vanilla icecream includes 330 calories, 22 g fat–14 g that are saturatedin 26 g carbohydrates, and 26 g of sugars!  (Even in the event that you use glucose rather than xylitol from the home recipe, it simply comprises 7 g sugar per serving, and it will be less than 1/3 of their total amount from the HaagenDazs.)

Though this recipe may possibly appear to be saturated in fat, but remember it has nearly completely hearthealthy fats out of the cashews, using hardly any saturated fat and no trans fats.  I normally split the recipe to 2 3 parts but proceeded with 4 therefore that it’s less confusing, as a 1/2 cup would be your typical meal for ice cream.  In the event you employ xylitol (an all natural, non-chemical solution to glucose), then the sugar in this recipe will probably undoubtedly be natural sugars contained from the cashew nuts.

Yield: Icecream Recipe.

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