Home remedies to clean bathtub

Besides your toilet, bathroom cleaning normally takes the maximum quantity of work and time to wash as it’s many diverse sorts of surfaces also because, by its own nature, it’s a location which should be cleaned regularly because it has frequency of usage.

In case you’re like me, cleaning up the restroom is the most likely among your favorite cleaning tasks.  Fortunately, a checklist and also some organic cleansers may make quick job of cleaning the restroom.


Much such as windows, mirrors might also be washed with a 50/50 vinegar and water mixture in a spray bottle and wiped with older rags from cutup t shirts or paper (paper towels make a whole lot of residue for this specific procedure).

The simplest method, if you’ve got them, would be always to utilize micro fiber fabrics (inch routine one wet, plus something polishing one warm, or merely one single routine wet one plus something routine dry) to completely clean without needing compounds in any way.

Counters, Tile, Shower, Tub

In case you’ve got it, then you may use micro fiber for each them.  I have found it to be more effective on soap scum from the shower.

Otherwise, you will find additional All-natural options that work good also:

A 50/50 vinegar/water option will wash counters, tile, cupboard fronts and soap scum from the shower

A baking soda and water glue will wash stuck on gunk from the shower and bathtub (apply vinegar Rather than water to get quite rough stains)

For grout, ” I sprinkle baking soda onto the ground and spray undiluted hydrogen peroxide and then wash using a gentle Tooth-brush

For stained bathtubs and indeed, really rough contrasts, this homemade powder works good, though it isn’t required for routine cleaning

For wall mounted tile, painted doorway frames, stains on the doorways, out of bathroom, and so on, my home made purpose cleaner will wash and disinfect


Around once  weekly I sprinkle some baking soda round the interior the restroom to coating, then toss a cup of undiluted white vinegar to the atmosphere.  I make use of a reusable toilet brush wash and also the chemical result of this baking soda and ginger removes stains and also some other lingering smell.  Additionally, this works externally (I personally utilize on the base of the toilet and a floor) to remove this “boy” smell from baths.

I have also discovered that the urine odor which could linger (specially with potty training boys) can be hiding at the hinges of this toilet chair and also under the spool caps onto the face of the restroom.  In our home, these have removed every 14 days or so and thoroughly washed.

I wind off toilet cleaning having a spray and then wash down using undiluted hydrogen peroxide.

Air Freshening

Services and products such as Febreeze and Lysol spray include a plethora of compounds which may be quite harmful, particularly for kids.  To freshen the toilet with no toxins, attempt these Organic thoughts:

Both of These spray recipes out of Keeper of Your Home make natural and easy atmosphere freshening sprays

This is just another recipe to get a air freshener in a jar Which You Can use anywhere in the home that desire freshening

How does one wash your bathroom?  What exactly is the most favorite room to wash?  Allow me to know in the comments below!

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