coconut oil for fleas

Only at Leesville Animal Hospital we don’t advise bypassing your furry friend’s own monthly flea and tick avoidance —  in summer period!  But now you would like to speak just a bit about an all normal flea remedy rather properly — coconut oil.


There might come a time when, even while a dog owner, you end up needing a means to eliminate fleas from the dog and also to get several dogs an all natural means to eliminate fleas would be your very best method.  Whether a puppy contracted fleas being a consequence of inadvertently lost a dose of tick and flea repellant, if they’re a fresh dog or perhaps a rescue dog or if they’re your pet dog struggling to tolerate conventional flea and tick repellants coconut-oil could be the answer you’re searching for.  Samples of dogs who may gain out of an all normal flea remedy comprise dogs with a compromised immune system, extreme allergies, even older or obese dogs, exceptionally under weight dogs, dogs young dogs.

Why coconut oil?  Coconut oil is also an all-natural product which has malic acid which acts as a repellent for ticks and fleas, however, in addition to that, but it’s also ideal for the cat or pet’s coat and skin!  It’s also great to be aware that coconut oil is more non toxic therefore if your dog pops it, it’s absolutely safe!

If your dog has fleas inside their jacket, pay both hands in coconut oil and then rub them together before it receives a liquid such as consistency.  Massage it to a own pets jacket, ensuring to use it all of the way to your epidermis.  As soon as you’ve covered your dog’s jacket (you are able to do a element at the same time if you want) you would like to simply take a flea comb and then run it throughout the fur and also you may realize that the fleas stick to the spoon due to the oil.  Any fleas which aren’t stuck on your pets fur on account of the oil may jump your dog on account of the repellent character of the coconut oil therefore it’s better never to try so as part of your residence!

If you’re using coconut oil for a repellent onto a furry friend which can’t tolerate conventional flea and tick medications you’re able to use massaging procedure mentioned above concerning once weekly.  You could even mix a tiny coconut oil and also place this solution into a spray bottle to combine thoroughly and utilize daily, making certain to rub off your dog thoroughly later!

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