can you microwave cookie dough

Some times you simply need a cookie cutter.  Perhaps not just a great lot of biscuits, one single yummy chocolatey treat.  Well today you are able to obtain one microwave cookie cutter, in only a couple moments using this specific recipe for microwave cookie-dough!

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Oh, the way we intercourse ourselves single function snacks in cups and cups and plates with our microwave.  Our team of coffeecake (in just under five minutes) is the hottest article of time, and also 2-Minute French Toast at a-cup isn’t much behind.  Today we’ve got a recipe for microwave cookie-dough to create a one-minute chocolate-chip microwave cookie cutter onto the plate.  This couldn’t be simpler.


Today a sausage cookie cutter isn’t going to possess a really crispy browned outside such as a cookie that is bakedcutter, and thus do not expect it to become precisely the same as the mum’s famous recipe.  However, what it can happen is ooey, gooey, melty chocolate chips.  And also this microwave cookie-dough is ready in one moment.  And you’re able to make a single at one time.  Therefore it has got some things about it.

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Let us get into creating a chocolate processor microwave cookie cutter onto the plate…

Chocolate-chip Microwave Cookie Recipe

Utilize a bowl or mug mix your microwave cookie-dough ingredients, and also a plate to cook your own microwave cookie cutter.


Focus on one tbsp of butter.  Soften it from the microwave to get 6 8 minutes.  Insert a teaspoon and a half sugar and a tsp of packaged brown sugar (I used light brownish).  Rely on them with a fork until soft and light.  Insert an individual dip of vanilla and mix.

You wish to bring a few egg whites.  You simply require a tsp or 2 of egg, then and that means you may crack you, stir this up, and separate out your piece to your cookie and use the others to scramble.  Or, even in the event that you’re fast turning into a microwave-baking-afficiando such as myself, then you might maintain a carton of egg whites hands, and only add a tsp from that point.  Mix.


Add two tablespoons of all purpose flour, a pinch of coconut powder, and a pinch of salt.  Stir to blend.


Now put in your own chocolate chips and stir fry.  Remove your cookie-dough to a plate, then simply dollop it at the middle.


Microwave for about 40 minutes.  In case it will not look done nonetheless, add a second five minutes at one time.  My microwave does my own cookie cutter absolutely in 4-5 minutes.





Single-serve Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Photograph of Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Just one function microwave chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Author: Jaime

Prep Time: 5 Cook Time: 1 Total Time: 6 min


1 tbls butter

1 1/2 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon brown sugar (packed)

1 fall vanilla

Inch egg, awakened and cracked

Two tbls flour

Pinch baking powder

Pinch salt

Chocolate processors, to taste (roughly 1 tbls)


Soften butter in the microwave for around 6 8 minutes.

Add sugar and brown sugar and stir with a fork until fluffy and light.

Add dip of vanilla and stir fry.

Insert approximately 1 or two teaspoon of stir and egg.

Add flour, baking powder, and salt and stir to mix.

Add chocolate chips and stir fry.

Dollop cookie dough on a plate.

Microwave for about 40 minutes.  In case it will not look done nonetheless, add a second five minutes at one time.  My microwave does my own cookie cutter absolutely in 4-5 minutes.

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