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The semi sweet chocolate morsels on your favourite chocolate chip cookie may possibly be more favorable than you realize.  That’s not saying over indulging in biscuits is actually a strong habit, however semi sweet chocolate chips, also referred to as bitter sweet chocolate, don’t have anti oxidants which can promote heart health insurance and some sugar to supply you with a little extra energy.



Semi-sweet, or bitter sweet, chocolate chips really are a kind of chocolate. describes black chocolates, such as semi sweet chocolate, because any chocolate made with sugars.  Semi sweet chips will comprise at least 35% chocolate liquor.  The glucose content of a semi sweet chocolate processor will be different from 1 manufacturer to the next, therefore make sure you inspect the tag.

Calories and Fat

Just one 1-tbsp.  Serving of semi sweet chocolate chips comprises approximately 70 to 80 calories and 4 gram of fat.  If you’re snacking those morsels, maintain a measuring spoon convenient.  Only 1/2 cup comprises a lot more than 400 calories and 25 gram of fat.  This can turn a yummy treat to some daily diet saboteur.

Sugar Content

It’s misleading to think about semi sweet chocolate as comprising less sugar than milk chocolate.  Semi sweet chocolate chips feature no milk solids, so therefore they contain no lactose, the sugars based on milk.  But, semi sweet chocolate morsels do contain glucose.  A regular 1-tbsp.  Serving comprises approximately 8 grams of sugars.


All snacks, except white chocolate feature bioflavonoids.  Also present in red wine, bio-flavonoids possess strong anti oxidant advantages also, accordingto Fit Day, help boost cardiovascular wellness insurance and could even prevent several cancers.  Dark chocolates, such as semi sweet chocolate, give you the maximum nutritional gain.

Harvard Health Publications accounts that chocolate may enhance the circulation of blood into the vessels which supply oxygen and nutrients into the brain and heart.  Darker chocolates additionally may actually possess the possibility to decrease inflammation.

Chocolate Labels

It’s very important to read labels carefully to make sure you’re choosing the highest high quality semi sweet or black chocolates.  Sugar content just isn’t sufficient to proceed, as many chocolate chips feature sugars.  Consumers should search for tagging that sates the proportion of overall cacao content from the chocolate.  The greater the percent, the more darker the chocolate.

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