Best chocolate ice cream|The Best Chocolate Ice Cream Brands

On any given Sunday, you will find me at the frozen food aisle at the supermarket shop.  If my sweet tooth hits, I find myself wholeheartedly scanning throughout the ocean of icecream, each carton cried for my attention with all the assurance of creamy, excellent gratification.  However, with heaps of brands from which to choose, just how do you understand whether you should be purchasing the correct pint?  Afterall, there is absolutely no solution to have an example spade.

Taste of Home desired to help.  All of us took to the struggle to obtain the very best tasting chocolate icecream one of common grocery brands.  (self-less we understand.)

The manufacturers

To obtain the very best of their very best, we moved into your community grocer and scooped up 10 of their most widely used brands of icecream.  We decided that the most useful method to compare brands is to examine them with the characteristic of the very most classic ice cream flavor: chocolate.  Yep, plainjane chocolate.  Meaning that there have been not any swirls, cookie balls, fluffy mallows or extra mix ins.  Only pure avocado flavor.  Here is our Line up:

Target Economy Pantry Chocolate Icecream: $2.99

Meijer Purple Cow Chocolate Icecream: $2.99

Kemps Old Fashioned Chocolate Ice Cream:$3.39

Breyers Chocolate Icecream: $3.49

Blue Bunny Chocolate Icecream: $4.19

Dean’s Country Brand New Classic Chocolate Icecream: $4.39

Edy’s Chocolate Icecream: $4.39

Cedar Crest Chocolate Icecream: $4.79

HaagenDazs Chocolate Icecream: $4.75 (per watt, 1/2 quart) $11 per bath

Ha-Lo Top Chocolate Icecream: $5.99 (per watt) $ 1-5 per bath

(Costs based on our own Milwaukee shops)  They may be lower or higher by you)

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