alternative to ziploc bags

Vinyl baggies appear to be always a kitchen key nevertheless they’re flimsy, maybe not readily plastic and reusable.  Additionally, there are 20 million plastic baggies thrown off every day.    We are using such reusable, foods safe luggage to displace our zip loc dependence.

I maintain 6 8 onhand to use for snacks on the head also to pack into my own kid’s waste-free lunches.  They truly are fantastic for lunch or snack period to put away sandwiches, veggies and fruit, breads, cheese and much more.


LunchSkins — All these reusable, vibrant cloth pliers are produced from the quick drying fabric that’s coated using a food-safe watertight lining.  They’ve been licensed as direct, bisphenol a (BPA) and also phthalate-free.  Therefore lots of darling patterns and you’ll be able to pop these in your dishwasher.  We’ve got a few of them we use regularly.


BlueAvocado Re-Zip Re Usable Bags — I really like these utilitarian bags out of Blue Avocado because they resemble simple vinyl totes, minus the plastic.  They arrive in multiples sizes: bite, sandwich and also a gallon.  We’ve got the 5-piece kit that’s ideal for lunches and many one gallon bags for keeping leftovers.   They have been especially good for adults and teens that do not need a cutesy printing.  Made from FDA-grade PEVA fabric, PVC, BPA and Lead-free.

Kiddies Konserve Food Cozy

Kiddies Konserve We love the kiddies Konserve Food Kozy for sandwiches along with other moisture foods that are rich.   Their non-toxic kozies are created out of recycled, FDA approved, nontoxic, non-leaching, recyclable PE plastic.  Free of all BPA, phthalates, PVC and direct.  1 3?  round.   They have been simple to wash and air dry.


Stainlesssteel Bento Boxes — All these are the very best thing I have ever purchased to modify that our usage of plastic baggies within our home and so they revolutionized how we create lunches.  We’ve got exactly the LunchBots new (that the LunchBots Cinqo specifically) but most friends love PlanetBox.  They’re a little investment ($3 9+) nevertheless they’ve spared us out of having tens of thousands of plastic baggies or plastic boxes as well as the little one’s lunches do have more number and healthful choices than they ever did earlier.  Highly suggested.

Itzy Ritzy

ItzyRitzy Re Usable Snack and every thing Bag — Everything I like best on the ItzyRitzy is that’s comes with a zipper, where as a number of those additional reusable totes have velcro.  It generates with them to get more protected things (keys, mobile phone, money, and so forth) a true potential.  FDA approved food safe, BPA-free, lead free, phthlalate pvc-free with a cotton outside.


Bumkins — my personal favourite thing concerning Bumkins is that their easy wash, watertight fabric.  Additionally they make my favourite bibs.  The reusable totes have a zipper and also are very affordable (less than $5 feet), as well as that they have been loved with reviewers.  The layouts are a whole lot more juvenile together with Disney and Dr. Seuss, creatures and so on.  PVC, BPA, phthalate, vinyl and guide free.   Simple to throw into the washer and air dry.

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