300 calories a day|Can I live on 300 calories a day to lose weight?

The normal adult should eat about 2000 — 2500 calories every day.  There are naturally numerous distinct facets which determine every individual daily caloric requirement.  These facets exist height, weight, age, sex and activity levels.

If you’re contented with your present body weight, you should utilize our calorie check here in order to find a rough estimate of the number of calories you should be eating each day.

As an example a 30 year-old person who weighs 65 kg, is 165 cm tall and exercises 3 — 5 times per week will want to consume approximately 2400 calories daily to keep his or her weight reduction.

A lady of the same age, height, weight and activity levels want to consume approximately 2100 calories daily to maintain your own weight reduction.

To wear weight, both would have to boost their caloric intake.  If the other factors are rendered constant, a rise in calories will cause a growth in fat loss reduction.

Can Be 3000 calories a lot?

Michael Phelps, the most renowned Olympic swimmer claimed at 2008 which he’d eat 8,000 — 10,000 calories every day.  But experts believe he ate approximately 6,000 calories each day after which used supplements to procure an extra 2000 calories.  Phelps would consume sandwiches, pizza and pasta to reach his caloric objectives.

One more illustration is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who occupies 5000+ calories every day, together with foods including eggs, fish, oatmeal and sweet potato.

Both men recorded above have various physiques, together with Michael Phelps being toned and lean as well as Your Rock being large and muscle.  But what they have in common is they’re extremely busy individuals, spending much time of their afternoon exercising.

This really is vital.  You are able to raise your caloric consumption however if you’re not busy, those additional calories will probably be changed to fat and result in an unhealthy kind of weight reduction.  On the flip side, should you eat the proper food items and also have sufficient exercise, then those calories will probably be flipped to musclebuilding, providing you a slender or muscle body.

Consequently no, 3000 calories isn’t toomuch, given you aren’t yet fat and which additionally, you lead an extremely busy way of life.


You will want to ensure you obtain sufficient amounts of each and every one of those three macro nourishment on your 3000 calorie daily diet plan.  All these three macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrate and 3 are demanded by your own body for unique processes.

Your ending aims will determine just how much each macro nutritional supplement that you should really be getting, however an average of your daily diet needs to include approximately 3-5 — 45 percent carbohydrate, 25 — 35 percent protein and 20 — 35 percent fat.

Remember that carbohydrate and protein provide 4 calories per gram, whereas fat provides 9 calories a gram.

This is a Fast Summary of the way your system utilizes every one of those Three Macro-nutrients:

Dietary protein can be an effective way to obtain the 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to operate, which it can’t make it self.  Protein is also used to repair damaged muscle mass and can be additionally present on your own hair, claws and red blood cells.  If excess protein has been eaten, it’s converted into sugar or fat loss.

Fat is popularly employed as a power source within your system.  Fat that’s eaten is broken down to essential fatty acids and employed by cells which want energy.  Any efas which aren’t used are stored in fat cells.

Carbs that you consume are broken down to sugar and will also be applied as a supply of energy.  Just a small quantity of carbohydrate could be kept within the human body which means that your system uses it until it uses fat, also being a power supply.  Any additional sugar is converted to fat and stored off.

Foods You Ought to consume


Whenever you can, you would like to use eat whole all-natural foods, since these would be the most healthful.  Sure, crap food comprises a great deal of calories, however at exactly the same time it’s packed with processed sugar and fatfree!

Our healthy food finder application lets you form foods by the quantity of calories that they contain.  The amount of calories each food fluctuates greatly.  As an instance, 100 gram of macadamia nuts feature 718 calories where as the exact same weight of berries contains just 18 calories.

You will soon realise that seeds and nuts would be probably the most calorie dense food items.  That is only because they have a great deal of fat.  Grains such as oats and quinoa are full of protein & carbohydrates and include plenty of calories.  The same holds for legumes.  Here’s a listing of calorie dense foods (calories per 100 gram) :

Macadamia nuts — 718

Pecans — 691

Pine nuts — 673

Brazil nuts -659

Almonds — 579

Pumpkin seeds — 559

Flaxseeds — 5 34

Oats — 389

Brown-rice 362

Lima beans — 338

Kidney beans — 333

Mackerel — 205

Avocado — 160

Tuna — 144

Steak — 14-2

Chicken — 120

The seeds and nuts are full of fat, so the grains full of carbohydrate and also the meat packed in protein.  Combining those and other foods that are similar permit one to accomplish your caloric aims whilst at precisely the same time making certain that you are becoming all of the essential macro nourishment.

Eating an ample number of vegetables and fruits can be crucial.  Though they have been generally reduced in carbs, they have been essential sources of minerals and vitamins, both that are required from the body to keep it healthy.

Splitting your meals

Splitting the meal ingestion into 8 or 6 meals every day is likely to soon be simpler than eating three large meals, each comprising 1000 calories.  3000 calories divide more than 6 meals has been 500 calories a meal, that will be a whole lot more manageable.

You need to plan to eat every 2-3 hours, based upon your own schedule.  In order have the ability to eat 6 meals each day will probably mean you have to preparing meals ahead, like on the weekend and freeze them before able to consume.  This really is a frequent practice among bodybuilders.

One easy method to consume additional calories would be by simply drinking them especially in the shape of smoothies.  By way of instance our beverage some pink, packaged with proatein and also a go of e vitamin juices are approximately 500 calories per day and can possibly be drunk as a portion of your 6 meals.


Recipes might be considered a godsend when attempting to eat 3000 calories every day.  Possessing many different recipes to make reference to is just a fantastic idea because it helps to produce eating a fun activity.  Body-building cookbooks like that it’s possible to be quite convenient.

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